We shape and transform public spaces through art that inspires and enhances the environments we live in.

The use of art to enhance public spaces should not be underestimated. Quality public art has been recognised the world over by architects and city planners alike as being vital to adding value to the public domain and in assisting people to more easily navigate these spaces.

In line with our goal of creating innovative design for the built environment and in doing so creating a positive impact on people's lives, we create and collaborate on public works of art that play an important role in enhancing the world we live in.

Strategically designed and placed public art can be used to celebrate local cultures, express community values, strengthen brands, revitalize neighbourhoods through urban beautification, and increase community capital. Successful public art achieves all this while at the same time being used to deliver economic benefits such as creating tourism opportunities and reducing vandalism. With this in mind much of the artwork created by limah finds its way into our wayfinding masterplans as it is a proven way to add value to the public space. Through the use of engaging sculptures, murals, installations and other mediums we are able to create landmarks, a place to meet as well as identify decision points; in essence wayfinding in its truest form, natural and intuitive.

The Al Danah sculpture located within the Reem Mall, developed by limah will be an exclusive landmark in one of Abu Dhabi's premier shopping destinations. Along with the sculptural water feature limah developed a host of services to serve the VIP clientele, including a unique brand, signage, and valet parking.

Beginning in the early research and strategy phases we help clients determine the values and messages that are important to them and their guests by identifying and understanding the local community and cultures for which the art is intended. From here we are then able to recommend items that should be incorporated into the public art program. Later we move into understanding suitable locations, technical requirements, appropriate materials, budgetary constraints, and timelines.

Once a direction is determined, either in-house or in conjunction with local and international artists, limah begins conceptualising the art pieces and installations. The concepts are taken to full development including location coordination, technical detailing and further quality assurance during the implementation stage, to ensure the art will stand the test of time.